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The Marketing world has evolved with time. The mad man era of traditional marketing is considered too old school now.  Try to remember the last time when you ordered an item or purchased any service. Did you wait for any commercial to pop up on TV? Did you call a salesperson to ask about their service? No, you probably did what most people do nowadays. You went online and you did your research. You may not be aware of it but you are already part of this modern revolutionary marketing process. It’s a fundamental shift where we do business in this high tech super-connected world where we live in today.  It’s called inbound marketing

Marketing Strategy

It’s a marketing strategy focus on attracting, educating, and empowering consumers to relevant content that helps and guides them to their product or service.  You need to understand the buyer’s journey to understand inbound marketing. It made up of three stages which are:

  1. Awareness.
  2. Consideration.
  3. Decision. 

Adopting an inbound sales marketing strategy will make a considerable impact on brand awareness, cost reduction, and nurturing. 

Inbound Sales  

The Sales Process is a sequence of stages that an opportunity goes through as it progresses from a lead to a customer. It essentially establishes a common terminology between business owners, sales, and managers.

Why has an Inbound Sales Process?

It gives you invisibility into where we stand as we pursue the revenue target of the months. Without a sales process, you are flying blind. You don’t know how you are going to do at month ends. 

Video Marketing & Marketing Managers

There are just two major steps in every business i.e. attraction and conversion. You need to attract a visitor through video marketing and convert them into a paying customer. Videos can significantly help with both steps. 

  1. Attraction

Imagine an online visitor comes across your site, there are plenty of texts and images explaining what you do but that’s not the real way to grab the visitors attention, you should upload a two-minute video of explaining what you do.  This is what your marketing managers will do. They will manage the site and make a short video that your viewers will enjoy. 

  1. Conversion 

70% of marketers can convert that video in a better content type. People love videos and your proof. In other words, this is how you will increase traffic with videos.  And ultimately improves your SEO rank.  

Law firm Marketing 

The first stage of growth is from revenue to zero to about 250000$. These are going to act like an anchor if you are going to do the same kind of marketing when you are working so hard. We call it a successful law firm marketing practice. The second stage is you need processes, systems, and procedures. The third stage is you can make the financial control with the use of the matrices to make better, quicker, and more objective decisions. The point is you must know which stage you are in.

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