Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Definition, Advantages And Disadvantages

This article will familiarize you with the definition, advantage sand disadvantages of Information Communication Technology (ICT). It is critical with the intention to read cautiously to recognize the fundamentals of Information Communication Technology.

Information Communication Technology Definition
Definition of ICT : ICT is used as a general term for all kinds of technologies which enable users to create, access and manipulate information.

The definition

Information Communication Technology (ICT), or Information Technology (IT) stands for the usage of computers and telecommunications generation and gadgets to produce, manipulate, store, transmit and securely retrieve records.

ICT Tools

These are the equipment or devices. They encompass the following gadgets:-

  • Computers – Desktops, Laptops, Palmtops, PDAs, Mainframes
  • Telephones
  • Mobile Phones
  • Fax machines
  • Television sets
  • Satellites
  • Internet
Information Communication Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages of ICT

Following are the advantages of Information Communication Technology (ICT):

1. It provides timely, higher and less expensive get right of entry to to information and statistics.

2. It speeds up enterprise transactions, productions and management processes.

3. ICT has made possible for people worldwide, to access internet, in a brand new and exciting way.

4. With ICT gear, business dealings and transactions have moved closer.

5. It offers a completely reliable, flexible, fast and correct method of disseminating information in present day times.

6. It provides employment opportunities. It opens new career fields for human beings across the world.

7. It is also one in every of the first-rate mediums for giving out commands in schools.

ICT Advantages And Disadvantages

Disadvantages of ICT

Despite its numerous benefits, ICT has few limitations, a number of which include:-

  1. Job loss: ICT utility in office scan also cut down few jobs as manual jobs and tasks are being automated.
  2. Costly: ICT components and gear can be highly-priced and unaffordable to popular public.
  3. Loss of Social Bond: Implementation of ICT in every sphere of existence is limiting private human relationships and bodily contacts as extra work and interactions are primarily based online.
  4. Crime: ICT may result in growth in crime ratings. Cyber crimes like identity-theft, credit score card scams, structures hacking, and piracy are at the rise. Internet is flooded with cyber criminals like hackers, perverts, and stalkers.
  5. Abuse: This is another downside of ICT. Some examples include pornography, plagiarism, cyber war, e mail spams, etc.
  6. Addiction: The use of ICT is addictive. Obsessive users may be located spending hours online. This behaviour can also cause pressure and different health related complications.
Information Communication Technology (ICT) - Definition, Advantages And Disadvantages

Many dad and mom also agree with that the most commonplace adverse outcomes of ICT may also include touch of their toddler with aggressive or irrelevant contents, endangering their physical health as a result of prolonged seating in front of the computer, obesity, and lack of contact with the actual world leading to addiction.

Besides, additionally they emphasize all effective outcomes are the acquisitions of recent understanding and talents that the child can benefit from IT for destiny employment.

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