The Mystery

The Mystery

What is the Mystery and why is it so important?

The mystery as found out unto the apostle Paul is multifaceted and is about those folks dwelling on this present term I name “Today.”

The thriller is not simply one thing however a chain of activities God found out to Paul over several years.

I have been taught:

  1. about my Baptist religion,
  2. Christ died for my sins,
  3. sin in my life would preserve me from having a very good courting with God,
  4. I have been taught to attend church regularly,
  5. to abstain from doing many things
  6. I have been taught to present my tithes, and
  7. To witness to the lost.

All of these items were think to make me a better Baptist, a better Christian.

I had now not been taught:

  1. the way to examine,
  2. the unique ministry of Paul,
  3. the mystery,
  4. approximately the body of Christ,
  5. the difference between the gospel Peter preached and the gospel Paul preached,
  6. that there were extraordinary inheritances (heavenly and earthly), and
  7. a way to rightly divide the phrase of reality.

All of these items could ground me in the truth which might make me a higher steward of the mysteries of God and of the manifold grace of God.

The mystery is ready:

  1. the Dispensation of the Grace of God:
  2. the resurrection:
  3. Israel’s blindness:
  4. the preaching of Jesus Christ:
  5. the thriller of Christ: and
  6. the Mystery of God:
  7. You will also see the following:
  8. the mystery of his will: , and
  9. the mystery of godliness:
The Mystery

These remaining pertain to how one should live in the Age of the Mystery.

When I discovered what the thriller entailed I started out to understand the Bible.

I determined that the Bible is essentially about two businesses of humans, Jews and Gentiles.

I soon discovered:

  1. that the things of the regulation, because it pertains to salvation, have been superseded by grace.
  2. that during this present time period, Paul became the apostle to follow and not Peter.
  3. approximately a completely unique group of human beings. Which can be known as the body of Christ.

These are all part of the secret or the thriller.

Here it’s far:

  1. Quit accepting man’s phrase for what the Bible says and start trusting God’s Word.
  2. Study and rightly divide the Bible.
  3. Learn all you could about Paul. He is our apostle. He is our pattern to comply with.
  4. Learn the distinction between the gospel of the circumcision and the gospel of the uncircumcised.
  5. Know that despite the fact that all things in the Bible are for us no longer all matters are to us because there’s a distinction among that which Paul preached and that which Peter preached.
  6. Know the books of the Bible which can be specially to us (the body of Christ), (Romans- Philemon).
  7. You Know the books of the Bible that are not to you (the body of Christ), , specially Daniel and Revelation.
  8. Realize that when you believe Christ as your Savior.
  9. Get a Bible that has no contradictions, a King James Bible is best. Not the New King James or the NIV.
  10. Pray a lot.

Before God ever made heaven and earth. He made plans for those of us who could be dwelling on this century. This is the mystery of God.


  1. Chose Paul from his mother’s womb to be our apostle.
    He said:
  2. Salvation might be through grace and no longer of works.
  3. That sin would no longer have dominion over us and we would not be below the regulation but below grace.
  4. We would be blessed with all spiritual benefits in heaven.
  5. The regulation would be our schoolmaster till religion (Jesus) came.
  6. 6. Man could now not be justified via works but by using the faith of Christ.
  7. Christ had redeemed us from the curse of the regulation .
  8. We were raised up to take a seat with Christ.
  9. We would be partakers of his promise in Christ by means of the easy preaching of the gospel.
  10. All have redemption via his blood, as well as the forgiveness of sins.
  11. He had taken away the ordinances of the regulation that had been in opposition to us.
  12. We have been delivered from the wrath to return due to the fact. We have been the kids of light.
  13. He wanted all guys-to come to the knowledge of the reality
    He also:
  14. Told us to set our affections on things above, now not on the earth.
  15. Revealed unto Paul the unsearchable riches of Christ.
  16. Gave us pastors and teacher in order that we may want to develop in reality.
  17. Promised to change our vile bodies to be normal like his glorious body.

All of the seventeen things indexed above. They are precise to the “Mystery” as found out unto Paul.

We have a duty and this is to proportion the message of rightly dividing the Word of reality as outlined inside the Pauline epistles.

Most denominational advocates will shun you and speak to you names if you communicate about the mystery, but do it you need to.

You can be the only ray of light someone has been looking for.

Christ death for our sins became a mystery and the reality that certain Gentiles may be stored turned into a thriller.

These Gentiles had been:

  1. without Christ,
  2. aliens from the commonwealth of Israel,
  3. strangers from the covenants of promise. They also:
  4. had no wish of being part of Christ’s frame, and
  5. were without God

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