Top 5 Computer Mouse Problems And How To Fix Them

Top 5 Computer Mouse Problems And How To Fix Them

This guide will take you via the 5 maximum commonplace computer mouse issues along with a short restore for each hassle.

First Things First

Before even trying to remedy your problem you’ll need to do some preliminary checks. They are all very easy and take but a few seconds.

1. Change batteries – If your mouse is wi-fi then alternate the batteries. Just due to the fact the bottom of the mouse is still sparkling red and its lighting fixtures are on and flashing doesn’t necessarily mean that it is strolling low on juice and causing other troubles.

2. Clean the mouse – Give your mouse and mouse mate or mouse surface a brief once over with a clean material to ensure there are no dust debris affecting it is performance.

3. Unplug and plug lower back within the mouse – It could be a case of surely re plugging on your mouse. This usually fixes mos tissues.

If you have taken all of these steps and the trouble persists then beneath are the 5 most common laptop mouse troubles in conjunction with the viable answers.

PROBLEM: Computer Mouse Cursor Doesn’t Move Smoothly

SOLUTION: If your mouse cursor does not pass easily then the maximum possibly cause might be either dirt in the mouse sensor or dust on the mouse floor, be it a mouse mat or desk. Ensure that you deliver the mouse a thorough cleansing making sure just to use a clean material and no chemicals which can be possibly to motive greater issues.

Another aspect which can be causing this malfunction is that a glossy mouse floor is being used. Some mice, in particular optical and laser, have difficulties in tracking movement on excessive gloss surfaces which include glass. Try using a mouse mat instead.

PROBLEM: Computer Mouse Pointer Freezes

SOLUTION: The maximum likely reason of this hassle could be because of your computer systems CPU (Central Processor Unit) usage. In this case you will be walking greater programs than necessary or absolutely have quite a few history packages open with out even realizing it. This can doubtlessly be the maximum traumatic as this will suggest that your PC is due an upgrade however earlier than committing to this purchase then strive these options.

  1. Wait some seconds – The best answers are most customarily the best. Simply wait some seconds to peer if the problem resolves itself. If the trouble persists or repeats itself then further investigation is required.
  2. Close some applications – Some laptop packages will preserve themselves open within the history with out you realizing. Look at the bottom proper of your Windows Desktop to peer if there are any packages still running which you could doubtlessly close.
  3. If all else fails then strength off and then electricity lower back on to absolutely clear any unwanted and tough heritage applications or programs.

PROBLEM: Mouse Not Working At All

SOLUTION: Your mouse not working at all might be from a variety of problems. Some may be software program associated and some could be hardware associated. The mouse not operating can be as a result from a free connection, defective wiring, a faulty USB or PS/2 port or a faulty IR wireless receiver. Make certain to double test the integrity of your ports while troubleshooting to ensure they may be running as expected. Some wi-fi devices (and a few wired) will require a mouse driver to be mounted for correct use. Refer to the manufacturer’s driving force’s guideline to make sure it’s miles installed and up-to-date.

If all of this fails then, as usual, unplug and power up your mouse and PC.

PROBLEM: Mouse Pointer Too Slow Or Too Fast

SOLUTION: There’s only definitely one solution for this and it’s a software configuration trouble. This can easily be fixed by using going to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options Tab. Change the pointer velocity to the preferred level by moving the slider up or down until it feels extra comfortable.

PROBLEM: Problem With Double Click

SOLUTION: As above this will most likely be a software program configuration issue and may be constant through going to Control Panel > Mouse > Buttons tab. Change the double click pace and test it to a cushy click velocity level.

If all of these answers fail in your mouse restore then the final alternative is to purchase any other mouse. You can purchase a variety of pc mice for many one of a kind uses. If you’re now not certain whether it is the real hardware (the mouse) or your software then you could pick up a reasonably-priced mouse for some dollars and checking out it with this before making a greater enormous buy.

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