Top 5 Reasons To Visit North India

North India is a majestic abode that is home to magnificent mountains, valleys, breathtaking lakes, and a lot more. This paradise is not just about the scenic snow-draped landscapes but is a region that is known to offer endless elements of exotic tourism.

While deciding on a location for a tour, most people tend to choose cliché tourist destinations such as Mumbai, Andaman, Kerala, and many others. In this process, they tend to overlook the unexplored beauty of North India. In the section below, we will briefly discuss the top 5 reasons why one must undoubtedly visit North India steward once in a lifetime. These are some of the few prominent reasons that will get you mesmerized in this fantastic region.

1. Hill Stations

North India is that region of ten countries that is quite famous for its lovely hill stations that attract innumerable tourists throughout the year. The calm and pleasant environment makes you feel welcomed to these majestic parodies. Major spots that include Uttarakhand, Kashmir, Mount Abu, and many others offer multiple exotic destinations to the tourists. Apart from sightseeing, these mesmerizing paradises offer some adventurous and fun-filled water sports such as water rafting that will make you feel the adrenaline rush. Other exotic sports such as skiing is quite famous and prominently available only in the Northern region of ten countries.


2. Forts and Monuments

North India is also an epitome of the country’s rich historical background. As a result of this, North India offers you with many stunning palaces and forts that display the mesmerizing artistry of the past Indian artists. For those of you who are fond of architecture shall pay a visit to this supreme region of the country. Some of the most famous forts include Red Fort, Amber Fort, Junagarh Fort, Kangra Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Neemrana Fort, and lot more.

3. Pilgrimage

North India is considered to be the top destination for Hindu pilgrimage. The prime reason being the numerous pilgrim spots offered, which include Ayodya, Varanasi City, Prayag, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and many more. River Ganges which flows through North India,is wholeheartedly believed to be the Holy river by Hindus. The places that are passed by this river are also considered to be sacred places. And therefore, you will be able to find numerous religious spots and temples in these locations.

4. Shopping

North India is also famous for entertainment and souvenir shopping that keep the tourists engaged throughout their trip. The cities also have some great malls wherein you can experience a luxury experience of shopping. Apart from the malls, the local markets too have lots go offer, ranging from beautiful handsome from Kashmir to the mesmerizing marble works in Agra.

5. Adventure

North India, by far, is considered to be a prominent adventure capital of India. Thanks to its numerous adventure sports carried out in various places that attract adventure lovers from all around the world. One of the most famous adventure sports in North India is Leh Ladakh Region, which offers numerous adventurous sports. These include Paragliding, River rafting, Motorbiking, Bunjee jumping, Ice Skiing, and lot more. If you love to experience an adrenaline rush and challenge yourself, then it is time for you to visit this welcoming abode of thrilling adventures.


So, North India is a wonderland that is packed with everything, you need to have a successful and memorable trip. Are you all set to explore the North region?  Therefore, pack your bags now and travel along with your family and friends to the Paradise of ten countries. Some of the top attractions to visit, including Kashmir, Varanasi, Delhi, Ladakh, Agra, Rishikesh, Jaipur, Haridwar, and many more.