Top 7 Beautiful Islands In India

In this whole world, we are all part of nature. There are so many iconic nature destinations are there to explore our madness towards nature. The first thing that will come in your mind when you are planning for a trip is the destination with fewer people, no pollution, surrounded by water and greenery is Island. In India there are so many islands are there with best climatic and scenic locations.

1. Havelock Island

In India there are so many popular islands are there to visit including all of them Havelock Island has its unique picturesque views of surroundings and with romantic climatic conditions. This island is located in Andaman and this place is perfect for honeymooners. Here visitors can enjoy while having fresh coconut water, watching the beautiful moments of sunrise and sunset are must experience. Scuba diving, snorkelling, water rides and many other famous things to explore here in this Island. In the months from February to June is the right time to visit this island.

2. Lakshadweep Island

Lakshadweep island is famously known for its outstanding views of nature with white sands and crystal-clear water makes you feel you are in a paradise. This island is a group of 36 coral islands. Lakshadweep island is 300 km far away from Kerala. People who are planning for a honeymoon vacation this island is perfect for them as well as adventure lovers too where you can find so many water sport activities like snorkelling, surfing, water walking, paragliding and many. Before visiting this island, you have taken permission from Kochi tourism commission.

3. Divar Island

Witness one of the famous islands in Goa is Divar Island. This island is located on the banks of river Mandovi in Panjim. Divar island is so special for the locals where most of the people here in the month August where the Bonderam and Potekar festivals are held massively. Here so many popular movies have been made up like ‘Dil Chahata Hai’ and many. Divar Island offers you so many beautiful sightseeing’s with a pleasant weather condition. Shree Ganesh Steri Temple, the church of lady of compassion, Portuguese structures are some major attractions of this island.

4. Little Andaman Island

In India most of the people like to spend their vacations near beaches and islands with less population then Little Andaman island is the perfect choice for them. The island which is covered with dense rainforests, clean white sand, amazing picturesque views of nature and the water that you can view without any glasses. Visitors can explore their holiday without hesitating in any matter you will get from fresh food of marine lives to best accommodation from the beach resorts like Rainbow resorts and Hauwa beach resort. 

5. Grand Island

There are so many islands are there with the best picturesque locations and good weather conditions. Grand island is a hub for all collections of sightseeing’s, to relax with friends and especially for those who are water adventurous lovers. This island is one of the best places to do snorkelling and scuba diving. The pristine water and waves of the beach are good and suitable for diving along with kids. Bounty Bay Dive, Spice Plantation, Dolphin Points, Shelter Cove Dive are some major attractions in Grand Island.

6. St Mary’s Island

St Marys Island is a cluster of four small islands of the coast Malpe in Udipi. This island is also known as Coconut Island and Thonsepar. St Mary’s island is having a collection of the unique structure of basaltic rock formation which are in hexagon shapes. Apart from this rock, this island has its beauty of the nature surrounded with plenty of coconut trees and clear blue water and a romantic climate makes you stay down on this island forever. The major attraction of this island is Vadabhandeshwara Temple, sightseeing’s, bird watching, ruins of Daria Bahadurgarh Fort.

7. Great Nicobar Island

Never miss a trip to the place Great Nicobar Island which is known for its exotic flora and fauna and this island is also considered as largest island in India. The crystal-clear water will lead you to spend most of the time in the water. Most of the people who ever visit here they pack their bags with lots of good memories. Places like Campbell Bay, Indira Point, and Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve are must-visit on this island.